Grand Ridge Capital, LLC

An Independent Multi-family Office


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Grand Ridge Capital, LLC
75 Midland Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042
Phone (973) 428 5288
Fax      (973) 629 1142

New York Office:
120 Broadway
New York, NY 10271


GRAND RIDGE CAPITAL LLC is an independent multi-family office providing strategic, financial and investment advice for a select group of individuals and families. Our objective is to assist clients in growing their capital and transferring their financial and family legacies to future generations and charitable beneficiaries.

We use the term “multi-family office” to convey the comprehensive nature of the many important roles we serve for our clients. To this end, Grand Ridge is very focused on the primary task of designing sensible long-term investment plans, finding the best available managers or vehicles to make the plans work, and taking responsibility for executing them.

The founding partners share a passion for providing independent and personalized solutions, often “partnering” with clients and their advisors. We have a relationship with Fidelity Investments that allows us to hold client assets at Fidelity and offer all of the investment vehicles that Fidelity has to our clients. At the same time, we remain independent and can work with any number of outside managers, all depending on the client’s needs and goals. We take a common sense approach to combining extensive in-house expertise with access to the most skilled professionals in specialized areas.

Whether it is an entrepreneur confronted with the proceeds of a successfully sold business, an affluent executive faced with a large, concentrated position in company stock, or an individual faced with a very large inheritance, there is a great need for wealth management. Grand Ridge Capital offers a wealth management solution to these and others that is unmatched in its financial sophistication.

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